News > No, Katy Perry Isn't Naked, but She Does Love the Rock Band Queen

Added on 18-Mar-2009

She told Esquire (Magazine) that she did the photo shoot because she wanted to do a little growing up. She will be 25 in October.

From the pictures being displayed, she's definitely grown up, at least physically.

She told the popular men's magazine that she was "obsessed" with Freddy Mercury, the late lead vocalist of the British hard rock band Queen. She said she enjoyed him "in all capacities." She continued, "He was someone out there who is respected. He's the real deal. You know how everyone has their one magical moment in hearing something they love?"

She says she plays Queen over and over. Her favorite Queen song? "Killer Queen."

She likes '80s music: Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde (the Pretenders). She also likes what she calls "classic" No Doubt, their '90s stuff.

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