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Kerry Ellis – No One But You Download Press ReleaseFans of QUEEN and We Will Rock You celebrate with an exclusive NEW TRACK produced by Brian May as We Will Rock You prepares to enter its 4th TRIUMPHANT YEAR in the West End

Fans of Queen and its musical We Will Rock You, and there are a lot of them - the London show has already been seen by more than 2 million people - are in line for a double treat as band member Brian May puts the finishing touches to a new recording linked to the show which will be offered exclusively as a music download on and related sites.

The track, which becomes available exclusively as a download on Queen from Saturday 19th March is a new version of the musical's show stopping ballad, "No-One But You" performed by Kerry Ellis, creator of the role of 'Meat' in WWRY, in an entirely new full orchestral production by Brian May.

It is expected that this initiative on the part of Queen will be the first of a series of special projects based around the massive hit musical. The download will be compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

Says Brian May: "This is a project I have been working on in my mind ever since we opened We Will Rock You three years ago. We now have many productions of WWRY operating around the world, all featuring 'No-One But You', everywhere performed by great singers.

"But the standard was set by Kerry Ellis who created this role in the very beginning. I have always wanted to make the "Ultimate Version" of this song on record, and at last I feel this is it!"

May originally wrote the song as a tribute to Freddie Mercury and recorded a version of it intended for his solo album. When fellow Queen member Roger Taylor heard the song (Taylor plays drums also on this new recording) he felt it was a song that Queen should record as a band. The recording brought back together May, Taylor and John Deacon for the first and so far only Queen single released without Freddie Mercury, following the singer's death. The original single can only be found on the band's Queen Rocks album.

A new arrangement of the song was written as part of We Will Rock You the musical, and it has since become a lynch-pin in the show, providing a setting for a moving tribute not only to Freddie Mercury, but to a gallery of rock stars who died before their time - including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Marc Bolan, Janis Joplin and John Lennon.

In addition to this recording, Kerry Ellis is at present working on tracks for her first solo album, sessions being squeezed in between her present commitments to the touring version of Miss Saigon, in which she is currently stars.

Meanwhile, as WWRY prepares to rock London for the fourth year running, the rest of the world is now following - with productions in Spain, Australia, Las Vegas, Russia, and most recently Germany, where the show opened in November and has already become the biggest grossing musical in the history of German musical theatre.

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