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Added on 13-Jul-2006

An update from the organizers about the upcoming North American convention.Breakthru 2006:

An Official Update from the Committee

August 11-13th is fast approaching, darlings! There are merely 4 days left to get the special hotel rate for Breakthru 2006, the largest official Queen gathering outside of the UK. To all procrastinators and fence sitters: Bite the bullet and register for the convention and for your hotel rooms now. Furthermore, sitting on a fence can become quite uncomfortable. Trust us, we know!

To register for the convention, please go to and click on the “Register” link in upper left corner.

To reserve a hotel room, please call 1.800.321.1090 between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm Eastern Time and ask for the "reservation desk". When making your reservation, be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Queen Breakthru 2006 Convention group in order to ensure you receive the special Breakthru 2006 rate. This rate is only available until July 16, after which, the rate goes up. Book now. Operators are standing by! It’s a simple equation . . . higher room rates leaves fewer dollars for you to spend at the auction, the raffle, the bar, and if you want Paul to answer your questions.

Queen Idol: Each contestant will have up to 3 minutes to wow fans with their dazzling vocals and be judged by their peers. Your song does not have to be a Queen song but it is Queen Idol . . . and remember, this is done all in fun, so get up there and go for it! The top three “performers” win a prize and will be known the world over as “The 2006 Queen Idols.”

The First Annual Breakthru Door Decorating Contest: Register at the convention and decorate your hotel room door by 2:00 pm Saturday. You must complete a brief registration form at the convention to have your door considered for judging. Our brilliant judges will view your creations and award prizes to the top three winners, but keep in mind . . . this is all for fun. So have a good time with it. Things to keep in mind:

Q Only the exterior door to your room will be judged.

Q This year’s convention theme is “A Night at The Opera.” Feel free to use this theme for inspiration or let your imagination run wild on any Queen-related theme of your own. Have fun with it.

Q Please stay within the bounds of good taste. The doors are in a public area of the hotel and you will be asked to remove anything that might be considered offensive.

Q You may only use masking tape or other easily removable substances that do not cause damage or leave residue on hotel property. No pins, tacks, nails, or anything else that may cause damage. You are responsible for any damage you may cause to hotel property and you will be held liable directly to the hotel for any damage you cause.

Saturday evening dinner/ANATO-Themed Costume Contest: Wear your costume (if you like) or evening clothes to dinner. If your costume is too elaborate, i.e., has a lot of funnels and leather/metal straps that might make sitting at a dining table uncomfortable for you, and make your dining companions queasy, you can quickly change into your costume after dinner. This year’s theme is “A Night At The Opera” which leaves lots of room for imagination, but The Committee doesn’t want to stifle your creative sensibilities. If ANATO leaves you without inspiration, feel free to use any Queen-inspired theme for your costume. We are prepared to be dazzled, and secretly hope to see at least one very rugged-looking guy dressed up as a green fairy!

Q Special dietary requirements: Please email if you prefer a vegetarian meal Saturday night.

Show Us Yer Pix! Ah yes, the 2005 and 2006 Q+PR tours . . . why it’s as if it were just yesterday! We’re putting together a multimedia presentation to be shown at the convention. If you would like some of your pictures to be included in the presentation, please select your six favorite high-res shots that you took with your camera during the 2005 or

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