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Added on 21-May-2008

Announcement for Breakthru 2008Breakthru'ites

It's that time again.

We are rushing headlong into the final registration stretch.

May 31, 2008 is the cut off for registrations that will come with a goody

bag and convention t-shirt as well as other treasures from the seven seas.

Those dated after the 31st may not get a goody bag and t-shirt and that

would be a scandal!

The actual registration deadline is June 15, 2008 but for budgetary and

ordering purchases we need as many of you that are coming to go ahead and

take the plunge and register now. So we can place our orders to the vendors.

This year also marks the return of the convention pin. These one of a kind

collectables will also be in the goody bag this year. Surprise Surprise!

Fans in the US are starting to get their economic stimulus checks. Help the

Breakthru economy folks, get yourself registered now and come Party! Leave

everything else in the Lap of the Gods.

A word in your ear, if you have to wait until the last minute we will do

what we can to get you a shirt and pin but there are no guarantees.

We will keep taking registrations until the hotel is filled or we reach

maximum capacity, so stop fence sitting and take the plunge!

Remember you can register at 24/7.

We have more to tell you in the coming days.

Breakhtru 2008

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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