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Added on 13-Nov-2009

WHILE the surviving members of Queen prepare to perform to millions of X Factor viewers, there will be one noticeable absentee.

Bassist John Deacon, 58, a man who has turned his back on everything that Simon Cowell's hit ITV show desires - fame.

While Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor were performing sold-out concerts across the globe with Paul Rodgers on vocals, Deacon decided to shun the Freddie Mercury-less Queen.

He has become a recluse, refusing to have anything to do with showbusiness.

In doing so he is one of the few old rockers willing to resist the lure of the lucrative comeback.

Both May and Taylor are clearly perplexed by his reluctance to rejoin Queen.

Last year Taylor said: "John's turned into a bit of a recluse. And if that's what he wants then who are we to pressurise him?"

It is understandable that after years on the road John would want to spend more time with his wife Veronica and six kids.

He certainly doesn't need the money, having amassed a fortune of £65million.

Some friends say he never recovered from Freddie's death from an Aids-related illness in 1991.

Musician Robert Ahwai, who worked with Deacon in a group called The Immortals, said: "John had lost his father when he was quite young.

"He suffered from depression after Freddie died and I am not sure he has ever come out of it."It is in keeping with his reputation as the "quiet one" which helped earn him a place in Queen in 1971.

Taylor remembered: "We were so over-the-top, we thought that because he was quiet, he would fit in with us without too much upheaval."

It is hard to be sure what Deacon would make of his bandmates being on The X Factor.

However, judging by his previous comments when Robbie Williams recorded We Are The Champions in 2001 with May and Taylor he would not be impressed.

John said back then: "Robbie Williams is no Freddie Mercury."

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