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Added on 16-Mar-2009

Finally after about 3 years of working on this project we have agreed to open up the Aussie Queens Australia and New Zealand Queen Archives.

It is not finished by any means but there is enough to get you all started. We will be working on the site now live. We have a pile and I mean a PILE of more data to go in to the archives. So whilst looking a bit empty in places we have material waiting for us to process it all.

Well check it out and we would of course like to hear your feedback. Some lists in the indexs have inputted text for material about to go in but is not hyperlinked. Just give me a few days and I will get that processed next for you.

Regards Nicole

Oh for the moment the main areas of data input include:

Sunbury (Photos), Queen Australia tour 1976

Queen Abroad and other

Brian May Solo tour

WWRY sections both NZ and Australia

Take a look around for the other bits in there. But these are the main built up areas for the moment content wise.

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What do you think?

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