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Added on 06-Oct-2000

Reports are suggesting that EMI has cancelled the production of the NTSC version of the Freddie Box Set.Natalie, a Queenzoner, had placed an order for the set with

Originally she was informed that the NTSC version would be delayed until November, but then received the following e-mail from

I have just received an email from EMI and confirmation from our US

supplier - the NTSC [version] has been cancelled! It was due to come out in November,

but has now been cancelled entirely, we will therefore return your money

order so you can obtain a refund from the issuer.

They have subsequently taken it off the link to the site.

This isn't rock solid - but at this stage the information looks to be correct.

What this may mean is that fans needing NTSC discs might be left in the dark. Are Hollywood Records still producing the set? Maybe EMI have cancelled their NTSC version so that they don't detract sales from Hollywoods release.

Note are still listing the NTSC version for sale.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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