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Added on 10-Aug-2005 Review ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen''Another ''Killer Queen A tribute To Queen'' review, from New York's by Glenn Gamboa.

''KILLING QUEEN. Queen's music, especially Freddie Mercury's vocals, are incredibly difficult to re-create, much less surpass. Which is why ''Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen'' (Hollywood) may have seemed like a good idea on paper, but in practice, it runs the gamut from exciting to excruciating. Be Your Own Pet's snotty, fast-and-loose reworking of ''Bicycle Race'' is surprisingly good, as is Josh Kelley's decision to turn ''Crazy Little Thing Called Love'' into a Cars song. Both versions of ''Bohemian Rhapsody'' work well, Flaming Lips' spacey remake and Constantine's faithful one.''

''Unfortunately, Gavin DeGraw's overacting makes ''We Are The Champions'' practically unlistenable, and Joss Stone sucks all the life out of ''Under Pressure'' when she recasts it as a glossy soul number. Luckily, they can't kill the originals, no matter how hard they try.''

"Killer Queen," in stores today: Grade: C-


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