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Added on 17-Oct-2007

The boys were on the Ayrshire coast to play an Up Close gig with Emap Radio and Sony Eriksson Walkman phones.Exclusive Band love our rotten weather

AMERICAN rockers Orson grew up in the sunshine of Hollywood but say our rubbish weather is one of the main reasons they decamped to the UK.

The Hollywood band are now permanently based in Britain and, unlike most of us, actually enjoy the dodgy climate.

We caught up with the boys in a rainy Troon last night as they warmed up for an intimate gig.

But if the drizzle was getting us down, it wasn't bothering Jason, Kevin, George, Johnny and Chris.

They uprooted from LA to London in 2006 and Johnny said: "This is where our biggest support is.

"We have more fans per square inch in London than we do in LA.

"We also love the weather. Believe it or not 70 degrees is so boring. Here it's a mystery every day and you get to wear a coat at Christmas."

The boys were on the Ayrshire coast to play an Up Close gig with Emap Radio and Sony Eriksson Walkman phones. And it promised to be entertaining with bass player Johnny Lonely revealing Queen's Freddie Mercury was one of Orson's big influences.

Johnny said: "As a showman I couldn't imagine anyone being bigger than Freddie Mercury - not just Freddie Mercury but Freddie Mercury in Queen.

"We are influenced by the sort of energy they projected in their shows. The energy of that era of rock bands has been a huge influence on us."

The band have worked with a host of big names, but it was their set at the Concert for Diana that gave them the most nerves.

Performing between Roger Hodgson from Supertramp, one of Diana's favourite bands, and the enigmatic Tom Jones was scary according to singer Jason Pebworth.

He said: "Roger was on right before we went on stage. We watched him sing to millions with just his guitar and everyone was singing his song. We just thought, 'how can we follow that?'

"Then we saw Tom Jones in his suit ready to go on right after us."

Johnny continued: "You could say we got a little sweaty. Luckily we only had to play two songs, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it."

The band released their new single, Ain't No Party, yesterday and their new album, Culture Vultures, is due out on October 22.

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