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Free, Bad Company, Firm and Queen singer Paul Rodgers has many options Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 09/21/07Given that Paul Rodgers has been singing in bands for 40 years, he's hardly hurting for options come set-list time.

'I like to walk through all the songs that I've written with the various bands -- with Free, Bad Company, The Firm -- and also to do something new,' the singer tells PAGE X.

'I like to please the crowd. I tailor my thoughts as to the set list to where I'm gonna be.'

And where he's gonna be this Saturday is FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood during Wingstock '07, a multi-act show sponsored by 105.7 The Hawk.

'When I'm touring the States, I actually play more of my Bad Company material and solo songs as well,' Rodgers says.

'In England and in Europe generally, the songs I wrote with Free are very much loved. So I tailor it that way 'round.'

Rodgers' current solo tour follows his phenomenally successful tenure with yet another powerhouse band, Queen. Given the distinctive, high-pitched vocals of late Queen singer Freddie Mercury, having Rodgers sing for the progressive-glam Brits didn't seem like a good fit on paper. But Rodgers, a stylist himself, found the blues-rock center of Queen songs such as 'Tie Your Mother Down' and 'We Are the Champions.'

'I think that's what I was looking for,' Rodgers says. He demonstrates by singing a lyric from Queen's 'I Want to Break Free.'

'I interpreted that. I mean, I know they did that outrageous video of it,' he says with a laugh, referring to a Queen video in which Mercury and company cavorted in drag.

'But I felt, when I heard the song, you can interpret this in so many ways. I think so many people want to break free from wherever they are, be it a relationship, a job, a situation. So it has many, many wide meanings and can be interpreted thusly so.'

Rodgers says he has a good relationship with Queen, which he maintains is tantamount to making good music.

'It's all about the relationship between each other,' the singer declares.

'The musical relationship and the personal relationship, I think, was sparking from the day we first jammed together on a live TV show, when they played my songs and I played theirs. We kind of swapped each others' songs.

'We came offstage and said, 'We have to do more. We just have to.' It was so exciting.'

Rodgers is asked if rumors of a new Queen studio release are true.

'We've been in the studio twice, actually,' he tells PAGE X.

'After my solo U.K. tour, we went in for about three days and put some tracks down, and then we went in some months later. We currently have about nine tracks. We'll be going into the studio again in October. It's really a lot of fun, brother.'

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