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Part 1, Queen Praised As Influences/Collaborators In Foo Fighters ''Metal Hammer Collectors Edition''Queen are prominently featured and discussed in detail as major influences and regular creative collaborators of and by the Foo Fighters throughout the entire issue of a special Foo Fighters ''Metal Hammer Collector's Edition'', entitled ''Foo Fighters, Inside The Ultimate Rock and Roll Band''. The magazine features in depth interviews with Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and the band, as well as insightful articles, reviews of the Foos' albums, and their biography, career history. While the entire magazine consistantly features nods to Queen, here are some of the highlights.

Since there are many, I have broken them up into 2 parts. Here is Part 1.

Page 35 ''Lucky Man, John Doran Meets Foos Drummer Taylor Hawkins''.

''Through the tried and tested route of an elder brother and sister's record collection, the young Hawkins learned to love the 70's greats of mainstream rock such as Queen and Boston. It was this childhood love that made the fact that he played with Brian May on ''One By One'' and played live with Roger Taylor, all the more special years later. ''I've hung out with those guys a lot and it's pretty awesome. I would say if there are two bands that have influenced me the most, then they are Queen and The Police. I'll always carry them with me. It was a treat to work with Queen. It was ridiculous. It was far beyond a childhood dream. You can't even believe it's happening.''

''He (Hawkins) admits he pulled a Roger Taylor on the new album (''In Your Honor''). Back in the day, Roger Taylor had been eager to flex his muscles on ''A Night At The Opera'' and got to sing ''I'm In Love With My Car''. And this year Hawkins gets to do likewise on ''Cold Day In The Sun''.

Page 40 Review of Foos' album ''One By One''. ''Living On A Prayer, The Fourth Album Saw The Foos Collaborate With Brian May and Become Influenced By Josh Homme. Did It Help?''

''Adam Kasper, the knob twidler on the previous album does his thing on just one song, the tender pop number that features Queen's Brian May, ''Tired Of You'', which interestingly is one of the highlights here. Both Grohl and Hawkins are huge Queen fans.''

Page 41 Color Photo of Brian May playing his Red Special.

Caption ''We are the champions, Queen's Brian May guested on ''One By One''.

Page 43 ''With a fairly stable lineup back in place, The Foos could even afford the indulgence of an appearance by Queen's Brian May, whose typically languid guitar lines permeated the ballad ''Tired Of You''. Such collaborations meant that the new LP became a watershed in the band's career.

Page 43 Color Photo of Dave Grohl playing guitar with Brian May playing his Red Special.

Caption ''Grohl Gets Down With Anita Dobson''

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