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Part 2, Great Article Queen+Paul Rodgers, Band's Reforming 9/25/2005 New York TimesHere is Part 2 of the 9/25/2005 article from the online edition of the New York Times about bands who have lost members, reforming in different incarnations, ''This Band Was Your Band'' that discusses the success of Queen+Paul Rodgers.

Part 2 does not mention Queen+Paul Rodgers but for accuracy, and for interest, I thought it right to not edit, but include the entire article for anyone's interest.

Part 2 discusses and addresses the success of ''RockStar:INXS'' replacing Michael Hutchence and the disaster of replacing Jim Morrison with Ian Astbury by The Doors, and how some bands new incarnations DO succed, and some do not, and why.

There are also audio clips from QUEEN in the article on it's website page link.

''This Band Was Your Band, This Band Is My Band''

''Published: September 25, 2005

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''If a band's facelessness can become an asset in preserving its identity, then today's crop of revivalists may be in the right place at the right time - a moment in pop music when the form of the song itself seems to trump any band's imagery or personality. Online, music fans are displaying a preference for individual songs over albums by a ratio of more than a 20 to 1. (It's called iTunes, after all, not iAlbums.) Some say this is also a moment when the rock warhorses of the 1970's and 80's face scant competition.''



Original Lead Singer: 'Come Sail Away' (MP3)

From 'The Grand Illusion' (c) 1984 A&M

Replacement Lead Singer: 'Come Sail Away' (MP3)

From 'Live Session' (c) 2005 Universal Music Enterprises

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Original Lead Singer: 'Sweet Home Alabama' (MP3)

From 'Second Helping' (c) 1974 MCA

Replacement Lead Singer: 'Sweet Home Alabama' (MP3)

From 'Lyve: The Vicious Cycle Tour' (c) 2004 Sanctuary


Original Lead Singer: 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' (MP3)

From 'The Game' (c) 1980 Hollywood

Replacement Lead Singer: Audio from 'Return of the Champions' album available from the Queen Web site.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Original Lead Singer: 'Born on the Bayou' (MP3)

From 'Bayou Country' (c) 1969 Fantasy

Replacement Lead Singer: Audio from the 'Creedence Clearwater Revisited' album available from the Creedence Clearwater Revisited Web site


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''The members of INXS have picked Michael Hutchence's replacement.''

''We live in a hip-hop nation,'' said David Goffin, executive producer of ''Rock Star: INXS.'' And the relative dearth of major rock acts, he added, provides an opening for bands like INXS and others to re-emerge.''

''Still, cautionary tales abound. Van Halen touched off a civil war among its fans when it replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar, though it continued to crank out commercial hits (and its dynamic lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen gave some continuity to the band's identity). A subsequent decision to hire Gary Cherone to take Mr. Hagar's place proved disastrous at record stores and the box office. Nor did the former Cult singer Ian Astbury do much for the reconstituted Doors, when he toured with them three decades after Jim Morrison's death.''

''Jim Morrison wasn't just some yahoo singing for the Doors, he was a personality,'' said Shane Roeschlein, editor in chief of an online music magazine, ''Morrison was much like a limb on a body. So in that aspect, if you lost your arm you'd get a prosthetic and it could be a really good and realistic prosthetic arm but it'd never be your arm.'' For fans familiar with a band's original identity, he added, there would be ''a cycle of diminishing returns - always eyeballing that slightly plastic looking appendage.''

''EVEN INXS has had its troubles with this formula - before agreeing to find a new singer on ''Rock Star,'' it toured with a series of performers poorly matched to the band, including Terence Trent D'Arby, the soul singer.''

''INXS still must emerge from the shadow of Michael Hutchence, the lead singer who died in

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