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Part 2, Queen Praised As Influences/Collaborators In Foo Fighters ''Metal Hammer Collector's Edition''Here is Part 2 of some of the highlights discussing Queen in the Foo Fighters Special ''Metal Hammer Collector's Edition''.

Page 49 ''Lights, Camera, Action'' Article discussing The Foos' esteemed projects with film soundtrack work.

''Grohl often used his soundtrack work as a chance to record provocative covers or to collaborate with other musicians. The Foo Fighters did Pink Floyd's ''Have A Cigar'' for 2000's ''Mission Impossible 2'', the track featuring Queen's Brian May on guitar. It didn't sound much like Pink Floyd, but it sure sounded like Brian May having a good old trash out with the Foo Fighters.''

''Incidentally, in 2001, Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were involved with the induction of Queen into the (USA) Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame when Grohl sang ''Tie Your Mother Down'' with Queen.''

Page 134 "How Many Drummers Does It Take?'' article discussing how drummers often are mutitalented creatively...doing songwriting snd singing.

''Back across the ocean, Roger Taylor had been contributing to the eminent Queen franchise as occasional writer and singer, also leading his own band The Cross as well as constructing a handful of solo albums along the way, all featuring (Roger) Taylor's excellent lead vocals.''

Page 134 color photo of Roger beating his drum kit.

Caption ''Roger Taylor, Stay where you are you bastard!''.

Page 140 color photo of Dave Grohl and Brian May playing his Red Special.

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