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Added on 25-Mar-2004

In celebration of 'We Will Rock You' hitting the stage in Perth, the Western Australian Queen Fan Club is having a party.From the newsletter:

Well, the premiere of We Will Rock You is just around the corner and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we've decided to have a Queen night.

But not in my back yard this time - no, we're taking it to the streets. or at least a pub. So in order to make it a success (so we can do more of these in the future) we need everyone to come along and support us - and bring all your friends too. The magical Mr Mercury will be performing (aka Tom Crane) and there might be the odd prize or two up for grabs. Details are as follows:

Date: Monday, 26th April

Place: Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Northbridge

Time: 7pm - 10pm (approx)

Yes, I know it's a Monday, but it is the long weekend and remember - this is Queen we're talking about here!

If anyone wants the order form for front row seats for the premiere, just email me. Other than that, I hope to see you all there!


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