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Polish Cinemas- Lover of Life Singer of Songs and TributeThe chain multi-screen cinemas Multkino, EMI MUSIC POLAND and Polish Fanclub Queen are inviting for double show on the large screen.

On 22 February about 19:00 in the multi-screen cinemas we will already see the documentary and the Concert in Tribute for one of the most outstanding artists of the contemporary music - Freddie Mercury.

Documentary - /â??Lover of Life, Singer of Songsâ??/



/â??Lover Of Life, Singer of Songsâ?? is a DVD devoted to Freddie Mercury. During the display in cinema we will see documentary Lover Of Life - â??The Untold Story Documentary " which constitutes the first part of double DVD. It is two-hour document made by DoRo, the film team Rudie Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher which cooperated with Queen and with Freddie for over ten years.

This film constitutes the specific time travel, a life is tracking Freddie starting from the day of the birthday in Zanzibar, through school years in India, workers' suburb of the London bohemia of sixties, until years of the wonderful musical career.


Title: *Lover of Life - The Untold Story Documentary*

Publisher:* EMI Music Poland*

Year:* 2006*

Audio: *5.1 DTS Surround Sound*

Video: *DVD PAL

*Time: *112 min*




/Concert: â??/**/The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert/******

/Special 10th Anniversary Edition**â??**/



**/After the projection of unforgettable â??Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs" we will see â??The Concert Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert: Special 10th Anniversary Editionâ?? . This concert was produced in 1992 in Tribute for Legend.

In April 2002 passed 10 yeras from the exceptional virtuoso performance - Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. In the recognition for this unusual vocalist of Queen and the biggest stars of the music made tribut to his memory. /The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert - Special 10th Anniversary Edition / it is a double publication DVD, containing choice of the best works from this concert. During this show, together from Queen they appeared among others: Slash, Roger Daltrey, Tony Iommi, Zucchero, Robert Plant, Paul Young, Seal, Lisa Stansfield, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Ian Hunter, George Michael, Elton John, Axl Rosea nd Liza Minnelli. Such hits were on a DVD as: /I Want It All/, /Crazy Little Thing Called Love/, /Too Much Love Will Kill You/, /Radio Ga Ga/, /Who Wants To Iive Forever/, /I Want To Break Free/, /Under Pressure/, /These Are The Days Of Our Lives/, /Somebody To Love/, /Bohemian Rhapsody/, /The Show Must Go On/, /We Will Rock You/ and /We Are The Champions/.


1. Tie Your Mother Down

2. I Want It All

3. Las Palabras

4. Hammer To Fall

5. Stone Cold Crazy

6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

7. Too Much Love Will Kill You

8. Radio Ga Ga

9. Who Wants To Live Forever

10. I Want To Break Free

11. Under Pressure

12. All The Young Dudes

13. Heroes

14. '39

15. These Are The Days Of Our Lives

16. Somebody To Love

17. Bohemian Rhapsody

18. The Show Must Go On

19. We Will Rock You

20. We Are The Champions


**T*itle: â??**The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert: **Special 10th Anniversary Editionâ??

Publisher:* EMI Music Poland

*Year:* 2002

*Audio: *5.1 DTS Surround Sound

*Video: DVD *PAL*

Time: *60 minut*

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