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Added on 06-Jan-2005

This turned up on the forum.Monty, who had apparently spoken to Val at the fan club, said:

This is NOT set in stone and can be subject to change. In a few days, we'll get the all-important e-mail from Queenonline. Everything will be confirmed by the 19th for the fans and there will be a press conference on the 24th! Queen will play five or six dates in the UK but I don't know about the rest of Europe, I'm afraid. You will be given a number to ring (ticketmaster, i think) and you will need to quote your Queen Fan Club number or Queenonline number. It is RUMOURED that these gigs will have a standing area. The venues are not small but more akin to arena's. i don't know when they hit the UK but, as you know, it'll probably be April. Could be as early as late March for that one, I'm only summising.

Ed: By "queenonline number", i believe that the number will be sent to people who have subscribed to Queenonline's newsletter. Make sure you have.


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