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Added on 07-Jul-2010

Freddie For A Day is a celebration of the life of Freddie Mercury which falls around his birthday date. It is meant to engage members of the public in a fun way to remember one of our greatest artists, but behind it is the earnest purpose of raising funds to support the continued work in fighting HIV AIDS worldwide through the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the HIV AIDS charitable organisation set up in Freddie’s memory after his passing almost 20 years ago.

All you need to do is dress up as ‘Freddie For A Day’ and get your friends, family and school friends or work colleagues to sponsor you!

For full details on the Freddie For A Day initiative, including how to get involved, tips on costumes, information on sponsorship and recording your day as Freddie, go to or visit the QOL features section.

Freddie For A Day… This could be the start of something BIG!


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