News > Price Shock For Freddie Box Set?

Added on 26-Aug-2000

The standard price for the Freddie Box set may not be as low as suggested...The Queen Internet Zone contacted Key Mail Order about the inclusion of VAT (Value Added Tax) for the price of the Freddie Box Set for overseas orders. VAT is only placed on domestic orders, international orders are considered 'exports' and therefore are not charged VAT, of 17.5% which would make the box set about 15 pounds cheaper.

They alluded to the fact that at the moment they were 'including' VAT to ensure that they would not loose out when it came to shipping charges. They would look at this issue when they had a physical copy of the set.

However, the clincher to all this is the following statement:

Yes, we'll make a judgement on the day we get them, but you'll have to stand

by our decision. We aim to be fair, but as were about 50% cheaper on the

actual item than anybody else, we're not able to take any loss on postage.

This infers that the real price of the box set may be closer to 150 pounds as predicted by the Fan Club.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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