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Added on 14-Jun-2002

Hardcore Label Three One G has released a new Queen Tribute comp called "Dynamite With A Laser Beam:Queen as heard through the meat grinder" you can see a pic of Brian holding the comp at the website and you can see apic and description of the album here:

This is the setlist;

1 Blood Brothers -Under Pressure

2 Get Hustle -Another One Bites The Dust

3 Asterisk* -Ogre Battle

4 The Oath -We Are The Champions

5 GoGoGoAirheart -Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)

6 Upsilon Acrux -Bicycle Race

7 Sinking Body -Who Needs You

8 Glass Candy -The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke

9 The Locust -Flash's Theme

10 Weasel Walter -Bohemian Rhapsody

11 The Spacewurm -Vutan's Theme (Attack Of Hawk Men)

12 Fast Forward -Crazy Little Thing Called Love

13 The Convocation Of Love -Get Down Make Love

14 Bastard Noise -Lily Of The Valley

15 Tourettes Lautrec -Killer Queen

16 Melt Banana -We Will Rock You

I must say the set of songs is interesting, they're not all singles or songs youre Greatest Hits listener would recoginize

I wouldn't tell anyone to run out and buy this right away, knowing Queens luck with tribute albums. But I would reccomend it to pherhaps a Queen fan who also likes punk/hardcore music or is just curious...remember it is a PUNK tribute, so don't expect anything to blow you away...

Submitted by: Robbie McEvoy

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