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Sanctuary Records will re-issue the long-lost debut album 'Quartz' by Quartz, in early 2004. The album will feature secret guest appearances from Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Brian May.This, the first of the band's four albums - first appeared in 1977 on Jet Records, but has never been issued on CD.

Original track list:

1. Mainline Riders

2. Sugar Rain

3. Streetfighting Lady

4. Hustler

5. Devil's Brew

6. Smokie

7. Around And Around

8. Pleasure Seekers

9. Little Old Lady

Quartz were a leading NW Birminham heavy meatal band. Their lead guitarist, Mike Hopkins, was previously with John Bonham's Way Of Life and guitarist, Geoff Nicholls joined Black Sabbath in1979, whilst drummer, Malcolm Cope was involved in pre-production of Black Sabbath's 'Born Again' album. Quartz toured heavily, played Tthe Reading Festival in 1976, 1977 and 1980 also supporting bands such a UFO, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Gillan and Rush.

The following is edited from Garry Sharpe-Young's acclaimed Black Sabbath biography 'Never Say Die':

Tony Iommi was at the time acting as producer, intending to play on the album himself. He invited Brian May, who was a friend, to the recording studio with the intention that Brian...

"add a splash of that famous hand made guitar on the track 'Circles', featuring a certain Mr. Ozzy Osbourne on backing vocals. 'Ozzy tried to put some harmonica on too' laughs Malcolm [Cope]. "Circles" inexplicably never made the album, only appearing as the B side to the subsequent 'Stoking The Fires Of Hell' single."

The re-release date, still to be confirmed, features many bonus tracks, including 'Circles', and Garry Sharpe-Young provides the liner notes. Check out Quartz biography and discography at Rockdetector.

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