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Added on 24-Jul-2005

Queen #1 London Times Poll Best Group Performance (At Live Aid)Queen won and was voted in the top #1 position as Best Group Performance in the London Times. The Times' Saturday 7/23/2005 issue, in the arts and entertainment booklet, ''The Knowledge'' for week 7/23-7/29/2005 conducted the poll. In the article ''The Live 50-Our Panel Of Musicians Has Deliberated. Thousands Of You Voted. Paul Connally Now Reveals The Gigs That Reshaped Rock.''

Of the 5 categories, Queen collared the category, #1.Best Group, In Discussing The Ultimate 50 Live Moments In Rock History.

Pages 28-29 ''Why Queen Are The Champions''

''The Best Group Performance Category was the most popular, and also the one with the clearest winner: Queen at Live Aid in 1985. Now, as we all know, Queen's 20 minute performance certainly ranks as one of the defining moments in live pop history. However, there was evidence of gerrymandering at work. A Queen fan website posted the voting link on its pages and encouraged fans to vote. Which they did in the thousands, ensuring that Queen won the vote. Doubtless, they (Queen) would have roared home in this category anyway.''

''The Beatles' rooftop gig at Apple proved the only viable competition for Queen'' Then the article discusses other winners on the list, Pink Floyd, The Clash, etc...going on to say,

''Queen also rocked you like few before and even fewer since.''

Pages 28-29

Color Photo..the electrifying, dazzling shot of Freddie Mercury performing at Live Aid wearing his jeans/vest, with his fist raised to the sky, crowning Queen as champions of Live Aid, as live performers, and of the rock pantheon.

Best Group. 10 Artists Make The List, The Top 4 are:

1. Queen, 1985, Live Aid. They made history, no other band could have pulled it off.

2. Beatles, 1969, Apple rooftop gig. It was their last live show. And it ended early.

3. Pink Floyd, 1980, Earl's Court. The Aeroplane may have been fake ''danger'', but it was impressive nonetheless.

4. Led Zeppelin, 1975, Earl's Court. The rocker's rockers at their most majestic.

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