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Added on 31-Jul-2000

Queen are said to be in-line to do some music for a film about Robbie Burns. The Daily Record had this to say:

ROCK supergroup Queen will head a star-studded cast to record the original works of Robert Burns.

Clarinda, a movie based on the life of the Bard, will start filming next year and already interest in it is huge.

Before the film has even been cast, the overture has been written and recorded and a soundtrack CD is being put together.

Contracts have been exchanged between the movie makers and stars like Queen and Fish.

Purists might imagine Burns spinning in his grave at the idea - but in fact he'd probably have approved.

Producer Ed Crozier said: "Burns was the first pop star. When he died, 30,000 people went to his funeral. There has never been a funeral in Scotland of that size since."

The album will be a diverse mix of rock and classic artistes performing original Burns tracks and new songs specially written for the movie.

One song being penned by Fish and Queen guitarist Brian May is likely to become an anthem which could rocket straight to the top of the charts.

The song will be linked to the friendship between Burns and his best friend, lawyer Gavin Hamilton - a role expected to be taken by Robert Carlyle.

Fish said: "I am involved in writing and pulling together some people to work on it."

He remained tight-lipped about who he would bring together to create a Burns "supergroup".

But he promised they would be some of the biggest names around.

Fish is currently involved with the music for another two films - but it is Clarinda which has really fired his imagination.

And he confessed: "I have got a small acting role in Clarinda as well."

Fish is a big fan of director Jean Vadim and believes he is the right man to make the film.

He said: "Over the past five years Vadim has read every book he could about Burns. He is obsessed with the subject and that's a good thing to be when you are directing something like this."

The Record exclusively revealed plans for the film 15 months ago, and earlier this year we told how Johnny Depp was being lined up to play Burns.

Depp, who has a gift for accents, is expected to be more convincing in the role than Mel Gibson was in Braveheart.

But the female lead has still to be chosen. Emma Thompson was favourite to play the title role of Burn's mistress, but that is now uncertain because of the birth of her first child.

The film will concentrate on the affair between Burns and Agnes M'Lehose, his Edinburgh society mistress.

Their love affair is well documented in the letters they exchanged. She signed hers Clarinda and he signed off with Sylvander.

The screenplay will be written by Scot Alan Sharp, whose previous films include Rob Roy, Ulzana's Raid and the Osterman Weekend.

Interest in the film is growing daily and a website set up to give information about it has had 800 hits already from all over the world - before it is even supposed to be on-line.

A CD has been produced of the overture to the film and will be on sale soon.

The writers have resisted the temptation to include a bagpipe accompaniment to a score which does not need to stress its Scottishness. Ed Crozier added: "This isn't going to be Braveheart."

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