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Added on 31-Jan-2004

Just to let you know that the Biography channel in the UK are showing a couple of programmes, 1 of Queen and 1 of Freddie.Of the Freddie show the site says "his friends, family, lovers and fellow musicians look back on what made Freddie king of Queen"

And of the Queen show it says "Bohemian Rhapsody defined their musical extravagance and Freddie’s showmanship gave them a certain kind of magic. From the hedonistic early days to Mercury’s tragic demise"

Show times are:-

Queen 8th Feb at 2000 followed by Freddie Mercury at 2100.

The same shows are repeated on 9th Feb (Queen) at 1000 and 1600 and also on 21st Feb at 2300. The Freddie show is repeated on 9th Feb at 1300 and 1700

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