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Added on 18-Sep-2008

The legendary band "Queen", together with Paul Rodgers, arrivef in Riga on a private jet from Moscow yesterday; they will perform a concert at the "Arena Riga" on Friday, September 19.

The musicians have expressed a wish to attend a live concert of a Latvian band during their stay in Riga, and also to become acquainted with the city, informs LETA.

Head of the concert organizing agency Baltic Music Productions Lauri Laubre informed: "We were asked by the band to prepare a list of restaurants, where they cold go for a dinner, list of live music concerts in Riga, as well as description of local attractions. They also stated some safety requirements," Laubre informed.

The interest about the "Queen" and Paul Rodgers' ''European Tour 2008'' has been very high and tickets for the most of the tour's concerts have been sold out. The tour started in Kharkov, Ukraine and is planned to end on November 14, in Dubai. From there, the musicians will head on to a tour around South America.

"Queen" are one of the world's most legendary musicians, their songs, which have gained huge popularity, include "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions".

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