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Added on 15-Oct-2005

''Queen+Paul Rodgers Hit American Soil'' On Rockradio.comHere's a nice little pre-hype article from the about Queen+Paul Rodgers' New Jersey show, their first gig in the USA, their Los Angeles show, their Japan tour, their ROTC CD and DVD, as well as their entire tour this year, and a nice interview with Paul Rodgers.

''Queen + Rodgers hit American soil''

''North American fans have been waiting all year to see Queen + Paul Rodgers, and their patience will be rewarded on Sunday (October 16th). That's when the group hits the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, for their first-ever show on the other side of the Atlantic. Rodgers and Queen did a very successful European tour earlier this year, which was captured on the recent live album Return Of The Champions.''

''Even with all that's happened over the past year, there's still a bit of confusion about the role Rodgers is playing in the band. It probably wasn't helped a few weeks ago when the New York Times published a photo of the group with the caption ''Paul Rodgers has replaced Freddie Mercury in Queen.'' Rodgers told us that no one could ever replace Mercury, who died of AIDS-related bronchopneumonia in 1991, and that it's wrong to describe his situation that way:

[ click here to listen if you have a Backstage Pass] ''I think it's more accurate to say that Queen and I are joining forces. It's come together on a musical level, because we just clicked when we played at the UK Music Hall Of Fame together as a unit.''

''Queen + Paul Rodgers will play the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles next Saturday (October 22nd) before moving on to dates in Japan. The group is planning an extensive North American tour for next year.''

''In addition to the live album, a Return Of The Champions DVD is also on the way.''


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