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Added on 06-Nov-2008

A SELL-OUT crowd at the Arena went ga ga on Tuesday night as they got a lesson in old school rock and roll from the masters – Queen and Paul Rodgers.With a spectacular lighting rig, mesmerising visuals and one hell of a voice in the form of Rodgers booming in perfect harmony with the wails of Brian May’s guitar, the crowd definitely got what they paid for.Legendary Free and Bad Company singer Rodgers still revels in his position as Queen’s leading man – a role he the took on back in 2004.Rodgers insists he has never tried to replace Freddie Mercury – arguably the greatest frontman ever – nevertheless his bluesy rock sound lends itself spectacularly well to Queen favourites such as I Want it All, I Want to Break Free and Radio Gaga.And now there’s new material too.With Queen’s first studio album in 13 years, The Cosmos Rocks, Rodgers has clearly left his mark and it was heard, live and kicking at the Arena in songs such as We Believe, Surf’s Up School’s Out and Cosmos Rockin’.He had the crowd eating out of his hand … only one man could take his limelight … a certain Brian May.Looking effortlessly cool churning out electric riffs that worked the crowd into frenzy and then just as comfortable sitting on the edge of the runway stage singing the softly anthemic Love of My Life, with a 10,000-strong backing choir.Drummer Roger Taylor also got his moment in the limelight, playing a 15-minute drum solo on an ever expanding drum kit. Fantastic. It wasn’t all about Queen though. Rodgers paid homage to his rock roots with Free’s classic All Right Now as well as a moving performance of Bad Company songs.And finally there was Freddie. He was present in spirit and on screen with Bohemian Rhapsody. The ensuing performance involving the crowd, May, Rodgers and Taylor all taking their turns was a fitting tribute.


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