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Added on 13-Jul-2005

Queen+Paul Rodgers Pay Tribute To London's Emergency Services reports that Queen+Paul Rodgers, at their greatly anticipated Hyde Park concert (rescheduled from July 8 to this Friday July 15, 2005 due to the London terrorist bombings), are personally inviting and offering thousands of free tickets to London's members of emergency services who helped and gave so selflessly during the London bombings crisis last Thursday. The UK's great and grand band, thought it only fitting to show their gesture of gratitude to the brave men and women in London's emergency units who came to the fore and showed once more that London and the UK will go on as a resiliant, valiant nation, with valor. further reports that:

''”We were away playing a concert in Germany and arrived back Thursday morning to see all this going on. We were unbelievably shocked and saddened. The heroes that day, and since then, are the police and emergency services coming together as one, calmly and bravely dealing with the tragedy and getting London's wheels turning again. We'd like to offer an appreciation," said guitarist Brian May.''

''Drummer Roger Taylor added: "You can only admire how calmly, how bravely they behaved in such appalling circumstances. They deserve the thanks of everyone in London."''


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