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Added on 09-May-2001

On May 8th, the "A Knight's Tale" soundtrack was released in America, offering Queen fans their first glimpse at the entire track, "We Are the Champions" which the band re-recorded with pop star Robbie Williams.Previously, 2 clips were made available via the internet giving just a few seconds worth of what to expect. Apparently (and according to one fan, Jameson Combs) the end result was much better than expected.

The following is his opinion on the collaboration;

"It does have that spacey opening like the brief clip you've heard, but it does NOT have that rough sounding bit that was downloadable from whatever site that was. I dunno where that came from.

Robbie's vocals are very sweet and smooth sounding throughout, at least to my ears.

Once the spacey intro is over the song takes on a pretty traditional sound, although the spacey keyeboard stuff is still present. Just a little down in the mix.

The bass is great - you definitely don't miss J.D. except for knowing that he's not there.

I assume that Brian once again played bass and he does more than a competent job.

Brian and Roger's backing vocals are very good. Roger's drums are excellent, and Brian's guitar sounds great. Some nice differences on guitar throughout - they're not subtle exactly although they don't hit you over the head either, until the end.

After what would have been the last chorus on the original, Brian does a great solo, and then there's a reprise of the chorus once more.

Excellent, excellent stuff and I could SO see myself at a concert, with my arms in the air swaying from side to side, singing along and having the time of my life. I should be so lucky. But definitely NOT "ruined" by any sensible person's defintion of the word, and IMO, just about as good as you could have expected.

I have no complaints and have probably played it a dozen times."

Well, there you have it. Go out and buy the CD, listen to the entire song and decide for yourself. Be sure to come back to this page and post your thoughts on Queenzone!

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