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Added on 28-Mar-2004

This has since been denied by Brian

The 30th anniversary of Queen's first hit single is fast approaching. The band took 'Seven Seas of Rhye' to No. 10 back in May of 1974, and they have decided to celebrate with a one-off concert and perhaps a charity single. Only problem is that their singer, Freddie Mercury, died 13 years ago. Naturally, Queen fan Justin Hawkins is the only man for the job. The People reports that Brian May, Queen's poodle permed axe god, got together with Justin and his brother Dan at a club in London last weekend and thrashed out the details. The paper's source says: "Queen have been talking about a collaboration for a while and they finally got down to sorting it out last week."

All the proceeds from the collaboration look set to go to Freddie's favourite charidees, The Terrance Higgins Trust or Children in Need. It looks set to be one hell of a team up, if only because Justin is the only guy on earth who could possibly pull off the same kind of outfits that Mecury used to wear. Break out the boas!

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