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Added on 20-Jul-2006

Cartoon strip appearance for surviving members in the infamous UK comedy magazine No.157The surviving memebers of Queen appear in characature form in issue 157 of the infamous UK comedy magazine. This is in the comic strip "Elton John's Bandit Beater".

The story sees a devious Elton John hatching a serious of cunning plans to cheat a gambling fruit machine bandit only to be caught in a counter plan by a sneaky shaded, capped and heavily disguised member of what appears to be the arcade security.

This turns out to be none other than Brian May who after double-crossing Elton (who is then being chased out of the arcade by the attendant) utters:

"That will keep the attendant bloke occupied for a few minutes. OK, fellow members of Queen - all together, PUSH!" to which all join in "Weee Will, Weee Will, Rock the tuppeny waterfalls" as they attempt to empty this amusement of as much coins as possible.

Very funny and presented in true Viz madcap style!

Submitted by: Soul Brother

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