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Added on 13-Jul-2007

During many months there´s been ad´s playing in th T.V. Queen´s song Don´t Stop Me Now.One of the most highly respectable insurance company in Perú,Rimac Seguros, has been playing two different advertisement versions of Heatlh Insurance, with two different versions of Queen´s Don´t Stop Me Now(Jazz, 1978) since early June.

The first one is about Health insurance, and says that "life is a deep breath competition", and trough all the add(that lasts about thirty seconds) this Queen song is played with some slices. The first verse, the bridge and the beginning of the solo, when these ad fades down.

The other one, begins with a scene of a crashed car, and a man thinking how he could pcik his japanese bosses from the airport.So he thinks that it would be helpful to ake a firefighter truck to get faster. the funny thing, about this ad, is that the company uses "Don´t Stop Me Now" played by some japanese fans, but again with the same slices. By the melody,is highly recognizable the first verse, the bridge and again the solo.

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