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Escaping to Mountain Studios, Switzerland (where Bowie would later to record Let?s Dance) Bowie, May, Taylor, Deacon and Mercury locked themselves in the studio and penned an album that continued the exploration of the pressures and demands of modern life (themes that would also appear in Queens following album ?The Works? with songs like ?It?s a hard life? and ?I want to break free.?) The album makes reference to one of Bowie?s previous alter egos in the title and the collaboration was aptly named ? The Duke & The Queen and was simply titled ?PRESSURE.?

In 1983, Bowie signed an expensive contract with EMI Records and released the huge hit album Let's Dance. As Queen's fame and success was also catapulting ever higher, the timing for the release of ?PRESSURE? stalled and it was eventually agreed that the window of opportunity had passed. The album was shelved and the rest is history?.

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