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Queen & Brian Honored By My Chemical Romance In June 2005 Total Guitar MagazineQueen & Brian are both discussed with great esteem, regard, and as primary music/creative influences in the interview with My Chemical Romance in the June 2005 issue of Total Guitar Magazine, which just hit the USA.

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In the intro. article. "Still riding high on the release of their 2004 album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge", the band's distinct and fresh sound pledges allegiance to everyone from Iron Maiden and Queen to The Smiths and At The Gates.

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Interview with MCR Guitartist Ray Toro

Question "The solo on your single, "I'm Not Okay", features some righteous harmonies!"

Ray Toro "That solo was influenced by classic rock, like Led Zeppelin and Queen. Every Brian May and Jimmy Page solo has a certain quality and you can always tell it's them. Alot of Brian's stuff was doubled to create that awesome tone and quality, and I tried to capture it a few times on record."

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"MCR Textbook Stuff" features a fond "exact formula" of sums & influences with photos, equaling My Chemical Romance.

Photos with captions in order are, "Black Flag" + Gerard Way wearing "Eye Shadow" x "Brian May Solos" (great color photo of Brian playing Red Special, wearing regal costume/cape) divided by "Zombies" = My Chemical Romance.

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