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Added on 14-Feb-2005

Queen's Gold box set "Greatest Hits: I & II" continue to be one of's best-sellers. They arrange best-selling lists by genre's; for the last few months, every time I go to see the best-sellers for Hard Rock, Album Rock, and Heavy Metal, the Gold Box set is consistently at the top of the list.

This is a list that's updated every hour, by the way.

The ones below it change. Sometimes it's "Forty Licks," The Who's "Ultimate Collection," "Back in Black," "The Wall," "London Calling" and other assorted things by Jimi Hendrix, U2, Rod Stewart, Metallica, Styx and others.

But Queen is consistently on top.

This is an AMERICAN site, mind you.

Don't believe me? <-- Hard Rock <-- Album Rock <-- Heavy Metal <-- Hard Rock-General <-- Glam Rock; at the moment, SIX of the top TEN are Queen albums.

And for Pop/Rock, they're number SEVEN!!!

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