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Added on 29-Sep-2008

by Paul Cashmere - September 29 2008

The new Queen + Paul Rodgers album `The Cosmos Rocks` has failed miserably to win fans in the Australian market.

After a very ordinary debut at number 49 last week, `The Cosmos Rocks` album dropped out of the Top 100 in week 2.

After two full weeks on sale in Australia, `The Cosmos Rocks` moved just 988 copies.

By comparison, the two decade old Queen’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album sold 1158 units just this week which places it number 49.

`The Cosmos Rocks` is the first album from Queen since ‘Made In Heaven’ in 1995 and the first proper Queen album since ‘Innuendo’ in 1991. (Made In Heaven was a collection of songs completed by Freddie Mercury prior to his death, Innuendo was the last album made as an album with Mercury).

The trouble with ‘The Cosmos Rocks’ is that it does not live up to the Queen legacy.

Calling the band Queen is a bit of a stretch. It is only guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. Bass player John Deacon chose to sit this one out. Replacing Freddie Mercury is former Bad Company and Free singer Paul Rodgers.

Rodgers does a magnificent job on the album, but ‘The Cosmos Rocks’ sounds more like Bad Company than it does Queen.

‘The Cosmos Rocks’ may have felt like a good idea at the time. In retrospect, it would have been better off not released at all, or released under a different name other than Queen.

‘The Cosmos Rocks’ will be released next month in the USA.

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