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Added on 25-Mar-2002

Queen were mentioned briefly on the british TV program Room 101 where guests are asked to compile a list of things they really hate and then they sort of argue their 'case' and then the host Paul Merton decided whether or not to banish them to room 101.This week the guest was Patrick Moore. Don't worry he didn't want to put Queen in! He wanted to put pop music in restraunts in. To see how much he knew about pop music they asked him to identify a picture of Robbie Williams to 'represent' modern pop music, then Boy George to represent the 80's then a picture of Freddie and Brian to represent the 70's. The reason I mention this is you might find it amusing to hear that the picture they used was from the 'I Want it all' video from 1988 or 1989! Patrick Moore also revealed that Brian May is a good friend of his. Oh, and he hates most pop music but he likes Queen! :D

It's pointless trivia but hey! Where would our lives be without it?

Submitted by: Paul Harris

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