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Queen Prominently Featured Throughout July 2005 Record Collector Magazine Just Hitting USAQueen are prominently featured in several articles appearing in the July 2005 Record Collector Magazine which just hit the USA.

Page 49

In the Feature Article/Interview profiling the USA band Styx, their history, music, career, and profiling their conceptual theatrical rock opera album and stage musical, ''Kilroy Was Here''.

''In October 1981, flush with their success and format innovation, Styx decided in a burst of idealism to try to record their next set with solar powered equipment, (Brian would be PROUD!), a technology that they promoted in TV ads at the time. In contrast, the subject matter of their concept effort was a future in which global capitalism fuelled by technological innovation had subjugated all individualism to the benefit of multinational corporations, which included the proscription of art and music, a concept similar to Queen's world-straddling ''We Will Rock You'' musical nearly 20 years later.''

Page 121

DVD Review ''Rock DVD's In Brief''

''Despite the title of Ian Hunter and The Rant Band's ''Just Another Night: Live At The Astoria'', this May 2004 show from the ex-Mott The Hoople dude was anything but. A magnificent performance alongside old mucker guitarist Mick Ralphs, in 5.1, saw a 21 song tour de force, with guests such as Brian May pitching in for good measure. The 180 minute package includes an interview, band soundcheck, and animated blog.''

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