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Added on 21-May-2005

Queen/Freddie Mentioned in My Chemical Romance Cover Story In Spin MagazineThe June 2005 issue of Spin Magazine Cover Story with

My Chemical Romance mentions several references to Queen and to Freddie.

Page 63

In discussing My Chemical Romance's last album,

"But last year's "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" shattered everyone's expectations. Featuring Gerard's (Way, lead singer) original illustrations, the album-conceived as a road-trip horror screenplay about a vengeful lover's quest for 1,000 innocent souls-was brash and squishy, ostentatious and moving. The lead single, "I'm Not Okay

(I Promise)", shotgun-married self-lacerating lyrics and a squealing Queen style guitar solo."

Page 65

"(Bert) McCracken (frontman of The Used)...and Gerard occasionally perform a version of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury's "Under Pressure" duet as an encore to The Used's set."

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