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IT could be a licence to thrill for Queen and Lady GaGa if James Bond head honchos have their way.

Composer David Arnold, who has penned the past five 007 film soundtracks, would love Queen to have a go at writing a theme tune for next year’s Skyfall starring Daniel Craig.

David, 49, told me: “I’m a massive Queen fan and I would love them to do a theme tune.

“Imagine how ridiculously bombastic a Queen anthem could be. It’s a shame because they would have been perfect for Roger Moore’s Bond during the 80s when he was punching clowns.”

Any possibility of a Queen song today could rest with Lady GaGa, 25, who guitarist Brian May, 64, would love to see fill in for much-missed Freddie Mercury.

The cloud-haired axeman, 64, told me recently: “We still hope to do something with GaGa in the future.

“We’ve been close to doing something for TV before – she is an inspiration.”

Bookmakers Paddy Power have Rihanna, 23, as fav­ourite to record the song at 6-1.

But they are already offering odds of 25-1 for a Queen/Lady GaGa collaboration for Skyfall, which hits cinemas in October 2012.

One thing’s for sure, rum­oured theme tune singers Adele, 23, and Noel Gallagher have not been app­roached to do the music yet.

Arnold, who also soundtracked 2007’s Quantum Of Solace told me: “I’ve heard the Adele rumours but nobody has been asked yet.

“Traditionally producers wait for the film to be made, or if I’m asked I’ll have somebody in mind.”

Noel, 44, shot down the rum­ours, saying: “I don’t know where you’ve seen a story about me being off­ered the job of penning the tune.”

Meanwhile Arnold has been talking to Simon Cowell, 54, about adding a Bond-themed evening to next year’s X Factor.

He revealed: “I’ve spoken to Simon about doing an X Factor Bond special before.

“We would love to try it but it’s difficult finding the right Bond songs for people to sing.”

Bond fans are in for a treat next year.

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