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Added on 11-Jan-2004

Queen Greatest Hits 2- Hints: There are two other versions of "Who wants to live forever" hidden, one on each disc. Disc 1: When the picture sleeve for "Who wants..." appears on the screen, press 'enter' on your remote. This will automatically take you to an alternative video of the song featuring both the band and scenes from the "Highlander" film. Disc 2: At the main menu, select "Hot Spaces". From that menu, move the cursor to "Play All", press Up, Left, Right. This will play another version of "Who wants..", this time with the living members of Queen, and two young vocalists.Queen Greatest Hits 1- Hints:

On disc 2 of the set, enter the menu for the "Inside The Rhapsody" documentaries. Move the cursor to the "Back To Main" option. From the "Back to Main" button, use your arrow cursors to go UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT. An alternate edit of the "Bohemian Rhapsody" video will automatically play.

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