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Added on 31-May-2009

Guitar legend Brian May has said he would like to take part in the ceremony to unveil a Freddie Mercury memorial in Feltham.

The Queen singer’s family have also accepted invitiations to the event, which is expected to be held at the end of June.

Councillors said they hoped former bandmates Roger Taylor and John Deacon would join the town - where the flamboyant frontman lived for nearly 10 years - in celebrating his life.

Queen fan Councillor Peter Hills, who has championed the memorial plans, said: “The leader of his fan club has contacted Brian May, who also used to live in Feltham, and he said if he could fit it into his schedule he would come along and make the dedication.”

The Bedfont councillor said the proposals were, however, now out of his hands after Conservative Councillor Paul Jabbal was elected to replace him as chairman of the west area planning committee.

But he hoped Coun Jabbal would follow it through, saying: “As far as I know the stone was being made, there were several people who said yes they would come along, some of his close family, and the media are still very much involved, so as far as I know it’s still going ahead.”

The memorial would be a Hollywood-style star with the singer’s name in Feltham town centre precinct.

Members of the west area committee proposed on March 26 that an £8,000 underspend on its budget, which would have been lost if it was not spent within the financial year, should be used for the Freddie Mercury project.

Coun Hills said the design and making of the stone had come to less than £500, and the remainder of the funds would be spent on making the day a fun-filled community event.

He said: “We were not just going to have a memorial stone, we were going to have a memorial day.

“We put something like £8,000 to £9,000. There’s plenty of money for the rest of the entertainment for the rest of the day.”

Freddie Mercury arrived in Feltham at the age of 17 from his home country of Tanzania in 1964.

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