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Added on 24-Oct-2005

Queen Highlighted Throughout Entire ''The Complete Guide To Downloading''Queen are highlighted throughout the entire issue of the special edition ''The Complete Guide To Downloading from the makers of Q, Mojo and Kerrang!''

Pages 120-121, 2 page spread with 2 page glorious,color photo of Freddie Mercury, dressed in crown and ermine cape from Magic Tour at Wembley Stadium 1986. Then the magazine makes its own download mix tape so to speak, of their pick of 12 Queen songs they love that are great to download.

''Want to break free from the stadium rockers' much loved singles canon? Explore album favorites, live anthems, and some thunderous heavy metal instead.''

1. Keep Yourself Alive 1973

2. Brighton Rock 1974

3. Love Of My Life 1975, points out that ''For many, it's the most powerfully emotive tune Freddie ever wrote.''

4. Death On Two Legs 1975

5. Tie Your Mother Down 1976, points out that ''but special mention must go to Brian May for one of the greatest heavy metal riffs of all time.''

6. The Millionaire Waltz 1976

7. You Take My Breath Away 1976

8. Sheer Heart Attack 1977

9. Spread Your Wings 1977

10. It's Late 1977

11. Mustapha 1978

12. Dragon Attack 1980

Mini biographies and reviews are featured on each song.

Page 33 Justin Hawkins' Own Download Favorites Dream List

#7 Queen-Leaving Home Ain't Easy by Brian May 1978 where Justin says Brian's song is ''very moving, very heartfelt.''

Page 44 Songs about politely letting people know you are ''emerging from the closet''

#1 Queen-I Want To Break Free-1984 ''The video featured Roger Taylor as a schoolgirl. Every heterosexual doubted themselves for the duration.''

Page 74 ''This house is a bombsite! Household chores made pleasant.'' color photo of Freddie in drag pushing the vacuum cleaner in the video for IWTBF. Caption: ''Queen: Cleaning was always a drag.''

#3 Queen-Don't Stop Me Now-1978 ''As Freddie says, 'Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time.' ''And if you pull, at least the place will be clean.''

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