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Added on 07-May-2006

In the Capital Gold Top 500 Albums, 'The Platinum Collection', and its 116 Chart Weeks had all its Points added to the 3 Queen 'Hits' Albums.What's more, the 7 Chart Weeks, of the 1994 Double Queen Collection also had its Points added to the first 2 Queen 'Hits' Albums.

This means that, 'Greatest Hits', (One), had 123 extra Weeks of Points added in. As did, 'Greatest Hits II'.

'Greatest Hits III', had 'only' the 116 Weeks of, 'The Platinum Collection' added in.

I know this, as Neil Warwick - who compiled the Top 500, told me so, in an E-mail.

Had the 3 'Hits' Albums only been given their own Points, 'Greatest Hits', (One), would have been 3rd in the Top 500 - not 1st. 'Greatest Hits II', would have been 134th, (not 15th), and 'Greatest Hits III', would not have made the Top 500 at all. It was in 115th place, with, 'The Platinum Collection', Points added in.

In July, UK TV will Broadcast the:, All Time Top 100 UK Albums - based on Sales. 'The Platinum Collection', will not have its Sales added to any of the 3 Queen 'Hits' Albums, in that Chart.

There will be 2 Queen Albums in the Top 100 - 'Greatest Hits', (One), (probably in the Top 5 - or even the Top 3), & 'Greatest Hits II' - somewhere between 15th and 25th, I should imagine.

The Beatles will have at least 3 Albums in - including Number 1 with, 'Sgt Pepper'. ABBA will have 2 Albums in too - 'Gold', (Top 10), and 'Greatest Hits', (Top 40). Maybe, their 'Arrival', will make the Top 100' too. Madonna will have maybe 3 or 4 Albums in the Top 100.

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