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Queen Honored With Star As Part Of Britain's First Annual Avenue Of Stars!On Sunday 9/18/2005, Queen were bestowed with the esteemed honor of receiving a star on Britain's New Avenue Of The Stars, a Walk of Fame organized in the same vein as Hollywood, USA's Hollywood Walk Of Fame, located on the Covent Garden Walkway. This year, 2005, some 100 artists from the realms of film, music, TV, comedy, theater, arts and entertainment, all citizen's of Britain and Commonwealth's of Britain received the honor, whcih will become a yearly event and honor, with more artists receiving stars on the Avenue Of Stars.

Queen were honored with a star in recognition for their artistry and achievements/contributions as musicians, performers, singers/songwriters...and are in company with the likes of Lord Laurence Olivier, Peter O'Toole, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Bob Geldof, Eeic Clapton, and more.

The Full 100 List for 2005 is included in the article from below.

''Stars light up UK's Walk of Fame''

''Sir Michael Caine cut the ribbon to open the Avenue of Stars.''

''The UK's answer to Hollywood's Walk of Fame has been unveiled in a TV special. Entertainers from the world of film, comedy, music and TV over the last 50 years were given plaques on the Avenue of Stars in central London.

''Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Alec Guinness and The Sex Pistols were among the first 100 stars to make it onto the Covent Garden walkway.''

''The stars were unveiled during the ITV1 show Avenue of the Stars, part of the channel's 50th birthday celebrations.''

''Sir Michael Caine cut the ribbon to open the avenue. He said it was a ''great honour'' to do so.''

''I think it's incredible,'' he said. ''Plus you may notice this is a little prettier than Hollywood Boulevard.''

''British and Commonwealth celebrities are eligible to get a star on the pavement outside St Paul's church in Covent Garden's Piazza, known as the actors' church.''

''Acting legends on the inaugural list include Bob Hope and Cary Grant, who were both born in the UK, and Australian-born Errol Flynn. Dame Shirley Bassey was among the musicians being honoured. Sir Charlie Chaplin, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Sir John Mills and Stan Laurel are among the other classic stars honoured.''

''Current big screen favourites receiving stars include Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellen, Peter O'Toole, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Gambon.''

''Giants of TV comedy on the list include John Cleese, Morecambe and Wise, Les Dawson, Benny Hill and Frankie Howerd.''

''And from the world of music, The Beatles, Tom Jones, The Rolling Stones and Dame Shirley Bassey were among the artists being immortalised.''

''More names will be added to the avenue every year.''

''As well as having their names set permanently in the walkway, celebrities were being presented with replica stars.''


Sir Laurence Olivier

Sir Charlie Chaplin

Sir Alec Guinness

Dame Judi Dench

Dame Edna Everage

Nicole Kidman

Lenny Henry

Benny Hill

The Sex Pistols

The Rolling Stones

''Full list

Chat show host and comedian Paul O'Grady, who presented TV presenter Cilla Black with her star, said many celebrities had been left off the list who he believed should have been included.''

''He said: ''I think those who are getting it deserve it but I think they have omitted a few people.''

''He said the committee who drew up the list had focused too heavily on today's showbiz names and had overlooked the stars of the past.''

''TV presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, known as Ant and Dec, who were among the first batch of stars to be honoured, said they thought the walkway was long overdue but had been shocked to be included.''

''Dec said: ''They are all proper showbiz legends. We were standing in the Green Room saying we shouldn't be here. It's amazing, and tonight has been amazing.''

''Among those to be posthumously honoured was comedian Les Dawson.''

''Receiving th

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