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Added on 25-Sep-2005

Last nights Australian Idol saw 5 out of 10 songs coming from the Queen catalogue.A "review" of sorts was published on (i will try and make the episode available here)

POP singers and rock stars are a breed apart, as was witnessed on last night's Australian Idol live show.

Billed as a tribute to rock supergroups, it may well as been dubbed 'Queen Night' for the amount of Freddie Mercury-inspired tunes that filled the air.

First up was Dan England who went for Queen's We Will Rock You, a largely-acoustic number until the final few seconds, which was picked up on by Idol judge Kyle Sandilands.

"I really think you did a crap job of it," Kyle said, despite not knowing the song.

Idol judge Mark Holden sniped at Kyle for his ignorance and told Dan: "That needed to be 11 and that was nine."

Next came Laura Gissara who went against the grain and chose Silverchair's The Greatest View to wow the audience. She failed. Idol judge Marcia Hines was the kindest, offering: "You could have sung that a lot harder". Even Kyle, a firm believer in Laura's abilities, deserted her. "Daniel Johns would have thrown his chair through the TV - that was lame." Mark called it the 'Doris Day' version of Silverchair.

As bad as the performance was, credit must be given to Laura for having a go and crosses for the Idol machine for trying to pigeon-hole performers into styles of music that are quite clearly not suited to some of the contestants. Laura took the hits and rebounded admirably: "Rock's not my cup of tea, but I tried."

Milly Edwards chose another Queen classic, Somebody To Love, to rock the house. While she handled the job well vocally, her stage presence was still called into question. "When you weren't singing, you looked like you were going to p*** yourself," Kyle said.

"You're still not competing," Mark warned.

Lee Harding stepped up a notch, wringing the neck of The Police's classic Roxanne and pumping out an awesome punk version. Mark called it a 'kick-arse arrangement' but reiterated Lee had reached the limits of his vocal range.


Roxane Lebrasse continued to impress the judges, this time with Queen's We Are The Champions. "You sang you butt off," Marcia said. But after the performance, Idol co-host James Mathison pulled her up on her vocal technique. "Look how much lipstick you've got on the microphone!"

Anne Robertson reworked U2's Where The Streets Have No Name and Kyle gushed: "You make everyone around you look like amateurs". Mark said she needed to transcend her performance, taking time to have another dig at Kyle. Kyle responded by dousing Mark in water.

Daniel Spillane took to the stage with AC/DC's TNT and failed to ignite Mark. "That was a bit ironing-board stiff," Kyle said. While Mark thought the performance "too nice, not nasty".

Kate DeAraugo must surely be related to John Farnham with the way she sings, so it was unsurprising to see her manage another Queen number, I Want It All. She was doing well until Kyle told her to "cover up those tuck-shop lady arms."

James Kannis was "still not in control of the vocal" but his "telegenic" performance got him through Eric Clapton's Layla. I'd be surprised if he escapes the clutches of the bottom three tonight, alongside Laura and perhaps either Milly or Roxane.

The performance of the night, just edging out Lee, was Emily Williams, who managed to cram Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody into two minutes and did a magnificent job. She was told by Marcia she had shown the most progression of anyone in the competition. "You go, girlfriend," Marcia said. While Kyle was short but sweet: "Tonight, you are the best".,10221,16721942-10229,00.html

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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