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Added on 10-Aug-2005

Queen Jewels album is at number 15 in honk kong album charts, and "i was born to love" is number three in that country in Airplay ranking. This album was realised by Emi-Toshiba last year in Japan, and it was a great succes, reaching number one for 3 weeks. It was the best selling album of international bands in 2004, and sold over 1,300,000 copies.

"I was born to love you" was also number one, and it was the song of the tv programe "Pride", which of the album a great succes. the rest of the discography of the band was great sellers.

And after that great succes it is realised in Honk Kong, and Queen can do it again. It has to remember that Queen made a number one in honk kong in 1991 by the single "I´m going slyghtly mad" of the album "Innuendo", and was a great succes there.

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