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Queen in March 2005 Record Collector Magazine Hits USAQueen is prominently featured in the March 2005 issue of Record Collector Magazine that just hit the USA.

Page 10 has 3 news items, (with a photo of Brian & Roger).

1. Discusses that the 46664 Fancourt Campaign was boosted in January 2005 by the "1 Year On" downloadable EP available on featuring songs by several artists including Queen with "Invincible Hope".

2. Queen+Paul Rodgers Tour dates are listed for 46664 Fancourt and all upcoming dates throughout England.

3. Discusses Brian & Roger playing at the 1000th performance of WWRY at London's Dominion Theater on January 12, 2005, contributing all profits of that night's performance to tsunami relief. But says quote "For our report see the live reviews section."

Page 135 Features a Dazzling review of WWRY's 1000th performance at London's Dominion Theater 1/12/2005, (with very nice photo of Brian)!

The review is absolutely glowing and ecstatic, with a detailed, complete synopsis of the show's storyline, songs. It goes on to rave about the sets, costumes, witty, social/political satire oriented script/lines, and the cast's performances.

Best of all, it is euphoric in detailing the encore of "Bohemian Rhapsody" which during the guitar solo, Brian "magically" appeared as a guest performer from a stage riser playing with Neil Murray and Spike Edney...and then Roger also "magically" appeared as a guest performer from another stage riser to join them on a firestorm rendition of "Tie Your Mother Down" and "The Show Must Go On", all to the delight of the audience!

Page 80 Says quote "Rare!" covering Queen The Eye, Electronic Arts 5 CD ROM's, EPK slides, 2 Books "The Art Of Queen The Eye", and the novel of "The Eye". Released 1998 (with photo of the complete set).

Review of the pre-release, white label/test pressing version of the band's PC game "The Eye", which Roger Taylor developed in partnership with Electronic Arts, released April 1998. Says quote "Typical of anything bearing Queen's name, it was state of the art, stunning and required 5 CD ROM's to deliver a life or death struggle between our human hero Dubroc and wicked druids, in a post apocalyptic future, all played out against 54 Queen tracks, many remixed especially for the occasion."

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