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Added on 06-Nov-2005

Queen are in this month's issue of MOJO Kerrang! Magazine.There is a small picture of Freddie from the 1986 Magic Tour on the cover.

Page 15, "Fat Bottomed Girls" is on Adam Sandler's Playlist.

Page 33: "Leaving Home Ain't Easy" is #7 on Justin Hawkins "The Music That Made me."

Page 42: "Killer Queen" is listed under "Songs of 1974". "Bohemian Rhapsody" is listed "Songs of 1975".

Page 43: "Don't Stop Me Now" is at #24 of "Tunes to get jiggy to."

Page 44: "I Want To Break Free" is at #1 of "Playlist Relationships."

Page 59: "Another One Bites The Dust" is listed under songs of 1980.

Page 74: Picture of Freddie from the "I Want to Break Free" video. "Don't Stop Me Now" is at #3 on "Playlist at home."

Page 107: "Don't Stop Me Now" is #2 on "The Jogging Mix."

Page 120-121: 10 Songs of "Alternive Best Of Queen." Big 2page Color Picture of Freddie at Wembley, the date is wrong in the lower right corner..."January 1st 1986" when really it was July 11, 12 1986.

Page 144-145: Magazine covers with Queen on the cover. Only 2 one on each page.

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