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Added on 10-Jan-2005

queen in magazineQueen In MOJO Gn'R Feature - 10.01.2005

This month's MOJO magazine (Sid Vicious cover, February 2005) has an excellent in depth feature on Guns N' Roses (p53-63) which includes three nice Queen-y bits.

Page 56 - Slash's Picks - The LP's that inspired him.

1. ALL TIME CLASSIC - Aerosmith - Live Bootleg (1978)

2. Queen - A Day At The Races (1976): Queen's fifth album matches Brian May's at his heaviest (Tie Your Mother Down) with Freddie Mercury at his most heartfelt (Somebody To Love) - a combination not lost on Gn'R.

3. Aerosmith - Rocks (1976)

4. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (1969)

5. Kiss - Alive II (1977)

Page 62 - mentions Axl Rose's "surreal" performance of Bo Rhap at the Freddie Mercury tribute album with Elton John.

Page 63 Guns N Roses 2005 - Brian is listed as one of the many contributors to the still unreleased 'Chinese Democracy' album

"There is some wonderful stuff on there," states the Queen guitarist. "Axl's so intense about every single note very much like Freddie used to be. He's utterly meticulous."

Page 104 Readers' Top 10

No.3 Seven Seas Of Rhye - Queen

Via Pat Carty favours rock grandeur: "Freddie lived his life in blazing colour, unlike the monochrome of most of most modern 'rock stars'. Freddie comes on stage in a cape and crown, no we have anoraks!"

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