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Added on 15-Nov-2007

Today on Brazil's prime-time we have six TV-commercials with Queen songs, for example: It's A kind Of Magic / Love of My life / We Will Rock you / I Want to break free/ Bohemian Rhapsody. Som Livre in campaign for the release of CD of Queen

One of the Greatest Rock bands ever is about to have its hits relived by SomLivre. The recording company releases this month the CD Queen Collection, with campaign signed by Giovanni+Draftcb.

There are five films, printed media (including sequential announcement), that will be transmitted in magazines, newspapers, besides Internet. All the pieces follows the concept "queen lives" and the divulgation is national, from 12th november on.

The company noticed that many videos posted on YouTube are from people who dub its idols, making lipsynk of the favorite songs. Queen is exactly one of the bands with more dobbed clips on YouTube. The Idea was to exploit this fever and add a more outstanding characteristic in the campaign: all the protagonists, normal people, women, men and children, will be using a moustache like Freddie's, Queen Singer.

In the commercials, that follow a stereotype focused on reality, they play, funnily, big Queeb's hits: "We Are The Champions", "I want To Break Free", "Love of my Life", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "We Will Rock You". The spontaneity of the films convinced one of the directors of service of the agency, Alvaro Figueiredo, accepted the invitation to dub the song "I want to break free". On the printed media, they appear posing with the moustache and the title "Queen Lives".

"Queen is mythical, has a spectacular repertoire. If we already lived with the "Beatlemania" and know since long ago that Elvis is not dead, it is time to remember thar Queen Lives. And is is so alive that each one of us can dub it, assuming their music as legitimate manifestations of our mood", sais Adilson Xavier, Giovanni+Draftfcb's president.

Queen began in 1967 in London and was compound by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Rocger Taylor and John Deacon. It was one of the precursory bands of the rock and it was famous in the 70's and 80's. A big part of the success hangs on the porformance and charisma of Freddie Mercury.

Watch the Fernando Barcellos and Bruno Pinaud's creation, created and directed by Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim and Barcellos himself. Attended by Gustavo Oliveira, Maria Cláudia Zerk and Ana Deccache. RTVC Fernanda Martins, Luiza Maggessi e Carol Troisgros. The producer is Fim de Semana Pictused, and it is mixed by Sonido.

Title: Queen Vive

Announcer: Som Livre

Product: Queen Collection

Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb

Creation: Fernando Barcellos e Bruno Pinaud

Creation Director: Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim e Fernando Barcellos

Graphic Prodution: Paulo Moraes

Agency Production: Fernanda Martins, Luiza Maggessi e Carol Troisgros

Attended by: Gustavo Oliveira, Maria Cláudia Zerk e Ana Deccache

Media planning: Marilene Fernandes e Vinícius Ferreroni

Film Producer: Fim de Semana Pictures

Production: Fim de Semana Pictures

Composition: Nuno Boggis e Bruno Pinaud

Direção: Bruno Pinaud e Fernando Barcellos

After-production: Cláudio Portugal

Sound Producer: SonidoProdução som: Lucas Duque

Costumer's Approval: Gustavo Ramos

See the videos here: in main page.

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